02/01/06 It is neat to keep up with what's going on with the ex's and the Westie has been busy indeed. Scott, the new owner, is quite an adventurer having driven it from Portland to Seattle, then down to San Diego, then to Phoenix and back to San Diego. In a car as raw and impractical as the Westie it's quite a feat. THIS is what I call an enthusiast :) Now with well over 10K miles on it (recall that I only managed 800 in two years!) the Westie is getting ready for competition. To that end, Phil Burke of BurkeBuilt (same guy who did the dp1 frame) designed and fabricated a rollcage. Now keep in mind that doing a cage on a Seven is no easy task. The fact that Scott is a tall guy at something like 6'6" makes it all the more difficult - notice how much Scott's helmet sticks up above the standard rollbar while the rules call for it to be 2" below. The seat is already as far back, down and reclined as possible (we had to redrill it so that Scott could drive the car at all).

Overall it looks like Phil did a very good job. Yes, I had some input. Once the windshield is removed it should look quite a bit cleaner... If you have a Westie and are interested, give Phil a call.

It's great to see the car being used with enthusiasm and I hope its competition career is both successful and fun :)