There are quite a few videos scattered throughout the site. This page has links to all of them. And no they don't stream - you have to do it the old school way, 'save as' to your computer and play locally although some players might do it in a browser window. This stuff is vintage :)

Technology has changed a lot since most of these clips were made. It used to be hard to do and the results were, well, let's just say not of cinematic quality. Now I just keep them on the site for historical purposes. File sizes are listed because back in the days of dialup it mattered. More recent stuff is on YouTube, just search for Palatov.

I still get a nostalgic kick out of the 'official' video below though. Brings back some memories.

The 'official' video (18M)


First start and very short indoor drive (11M)

First kart track outing (45M)

Another kart track clip, HD video (131M)

First full track test at ORP, HD video (92M)

Second track test at ORP, HD video (97M)

A lap of Laguna Seca, HD video (75M)

Spin at ORP HD video (35M)

PIR, HD video (67M)


First dp1 video - just of the chassis and car rotated onscreen (7M)

Finally, first engine start. It runs but clutch jams. (22M)

Clutch adjusted, first drive. IT'S ALIVE! (44M)

First in-car video on a kart track (28M)

Outside footage of first kart track outing (7M)

First spin. Fun :) (5M)

Bodywork install and removal (11M)

Nose-mounted camera view of a lap at PIR (19M)

Helmetcam view of a 1:29 lap at PIR (15M)

Some external footage at PIR (no sound) (21M)

A lap of PIR (20M)

Playing with a Ford GT (17M)

Mixing it up with racecars at PIR (32M)

A clean 1:24 lap of PIR (21M)


First drive under all-electric power (7M)

Running around a parking lot, early testing with torque limit (30M)

First shakedown test with new battery, HD video (45M)

Endurance testing at Pats Acres, HD video (48M)

High-speed test at PIR, HD video (116M)

'06 Ariel Atom V8

Driving a 220hp Ariel Atom in southern Oregon (17M)

Lap of Pacific Raceways lap in an Atom 245/Honda (17M)

First start of the Hartley H1 V8 (11M)

First drive around the block (22M)

External view of a couple drive-bys (6M)

Some higlights from a track test (24M)

A lap of Oregon Raceway Park (20M)

'06 Paul Smart 1000 LE

First trackday for the PS. A few passing maneuvers (10M)

'06 MINI

The new Mini on a nice road. Large file (44M)

A comparison of wet and dry track pace (18M)

A dry lap on street tires (12M)

First outing on R compounds, a 1:33 lap (12M)

Highlights from DarkHelmet's third trackday (15M)

New chicane line, chasing down a GT3 (8M)

Evo locks brakes at ThunderHill (3.7M)

A 2:20 lap of ThunderHill behind MCoupe (18.5M)

A view of DarkHelmet from an M Coupe at TH (11M)

A lap of Pacific Raceways behind Caterham (17M)


First video clip of the M5 - a backroads run (20M)

A lap of Pacific Raceways chasing down a C6 Vette (12M)

Some highlights at PR (6.5M)


First track outing. The box RULZ ;) well, in the corners anyway. (7M)

David spins his M Coupe in front of me at PIR (3.8M)

Chasing some 911 GT3s through turns at PIR (6.5M)

A full 1:44.9 lap of PIR (13M)

Harassing a C6 Vette in turns, 318ti spin (11M)

Elise (US)

A bit of fun with S190 Elise (15M)

First track day at PIR, some of it in pouring rain (8M)

Second track day and first spin (1.5M)

Alfa day. Demonstrating throttle steering and watching M3 make dust (7M)

BMW day. Playing with Z06, GT3 and turns 10-11-12 (7.8M)

Splashing through a puddle and saving it in turn 11 (1.6M)

Full lap of Pacific Raceways (12M)

A bit sideways in turn 7 at PR (2.5M)

Passing an RX7 after chicane, running out of track in turn 6 (7M)


Some footage of first track day at PIR (7M)

Chasing a friend around PIR (27M)

Making progress at second track day - a 1:22:17 lap of PIR (14M)

Some outside footage at PIR (3.7M)


Street ride on my favorite road (10M)

PIR lap, getting passed by a 125 race bike. Repeatedly. (10.5M)

PIR lap. I get to do some passing this time. (10.5M)

Helmet camera view of PIR (9M)

More helmet cam at PIR (7.5M)

Outside footage and helmetcam mixed clip at PIR (5.9M)

Quick clip passing a couple of people at PIR (3.2M)

A 1:23 lap around PIR - getting back up to speed! (10.4M)


Outside footage of me riding the 900 on Ortega highway in California (1M)

A quick test clip of on-bike camera mount going up a hill in Laguna Beach (3.6M)

One rather slow lap of Laguna Seca raceway (17M)

Lane splitting in California. It's what makes bikes really practical there. (3.2M)

A 1:25 lap of PIR, tank-mounted camera (44M)

Elise Sport 190

Elise on my favorite local road. First test of camera setup. (8.6M)

One of the better Elise laps at PIR, 1:31 with chicane (11.6M)

A rather spectacular offroad excursion in the Elise. (1.5M)

Clean slice through turn 12 at PIR (2M)

A bit of trouble in the chicane at PIR (2.3M)

Elise playing with an F50 on track (8M)

Some twisty road fun with a Caterham (9.5M)

A reasonable (but not fastest) lap of ThunderHill raceway in California (17M)

What happens when antiroll bar link is loose (3.8M)

Fun at the Lotus track day (5M)

Outside and incar helmetcam footage at Alfa track day (7.5M)

Elise and Westie at PIR, helmetcam view (6.3M)

M Coupe

Following some friends' M Coupes in the Elise (12M)

My favorite road again, this time in the Coupe (10M)

A not too spectacular lap of ThunderHill following a race Europa (18M)

Autocross at El Toro in California (8.5M)

Chasing a Z06 Vette at Sears Point raceway (11.8M)

Following a 650 hp Viper at Sears (11.7M)

In traffic at Sears Point (8M)

Brakes overcooked at PIR. Glad the other guy was better than I. (1.7M)

Helmet camera view of Coupe at PIR (7.5M)


Westie's first breath. (3.9M)

First drive around the block, much work remains (11.5M)

Finally a real drive, in the company of a Caterham (6.5M)

First track outing. In-car helmet cam. (3.2M)

My fastest recorded lap at PIR before 2003, 1:29 (11M)

Mixed clips of Westie at PIR, in-car and outside footage (7.2M)

Westie rules the chicane (3.4M)

Helmetcam view of a lap at PIR (11.9M)

Following a Formula Atlantic and a Pantera (7M)

More fun at PIR (4.7M)


125 Shifter karts at PIR (3.4M)

Helmet cam view of an early kart outing (6.6M)

Kart is fun - until it quits :( (5.8M)

Starting to get the hang of it (3.6M)


MINI's first track outing at PIR, helmetcam view (6.8M)

A few turns at ThunderHill (6.3M)

Miscellaneous moments at Pacific Raceways (5.1M)

Full lap of PR (12.3M)

Couple turns at PIR (3.8M)

More sliding fun (4.0M)


A 911 gets impatient being stuck behind slow 911TT. Oops. (9.4M)

Some friends going through the chicane at PIR (5.5M)

M Roadster going off turn 10 at PIR (0.9M)

M Coupe Following F50 and F40 in formation at ThunderHill (9.8M)

A ride in Radical SR3. The thing is AWESOME. (4.3M)

Driving the Ford Spec Racer at ProDrive school (5.9M)

Land Rover offroad customer demo (5.7M)

Indoor karting with some friends (13M)

Rented Elise S2 in South Tyrol (18.7M)

Peugeot 307 rentacar on Nurbugring (8M)

Track ride in a Ferrari Enzo (6M)

Jetboat ride in NZ (4.7M)

Nice NZ road in a rental car (6.4M)

A quick clip of an aileron roll in a Sukhoi SU-29 (1.1M)

A 2.5 minute video of some aerobatics in SU-29 (20.0M)

Nurburgring in a rented Golf, in the rain (6M)

Track ride in a Porsche Carrera GT (4.8M)

A friend in his Stohr DSR on a 1:13 lap of PIR - FAST! (9M)

Rental Opel on a tight road south of Maranello (8M)

Rainy practice session in Spec Racer Ford (20M)

Highlights of qualifying and first race in SRF (55M)