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D47-2/16 | Travel-1/21 | D2-12/29 | D4-12/28 | Stiletto-12/7

D2 specs and pricing | D4 specs and pricing | D4 in Simraceway | D1 in Simraceway

D4 officially released for rFactor2 - use it for 'virtual test drive'

I had originally created this site to share my automotive experiences with friends and fellow enthusiasts. The car design thing has pretty much taken over my life now. The site is a record of the slippery slope... The PAST section contains nearly two dozen links to individual blogs for some of the vehicles I've owned, both cars and motorcycles. Browse it when you have hours to spend as there is a lot there.

As my experience progressed from buying regular cars and bikes to building a Westfield kit and eventually to designing and building my own cars, I've decided to focus my energy primarily on my designs and have rearranged this site to reflect that. At the top of the bar are the currently active projects.

The TRAVEL and ETC sections remain as diversions and of course M's CORNER will continue to provide her perspective on our automotive adventures. Below the PAST tab on the left are links to our Pikes Peak efforts in 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2012, the D2 and D4 development blogs, the dp1/e electric prototype, the initial dp1 prototype build, the original dp1 design log, the design/build/development of my 400hp V8 installation in an Atom, and what started it all - the Westfield build.

I hope you enjoy your visit.