8/06/02 Portland is a car town. It's amazing what kind of machinery lurks in the most unlikely places. I was fortunate to get a glimpse of a part of one such collection, this one primarily focused on Group B rally cars of a few years ago...

Those who know what these cars are will appreciate what's gathered here (yes, they are all 'real' and the RS200 is the EVO version). Those who don't, take my word for it - this is WAY cool :)

8/23/02 A BMW track day at PIR. I didn't drive at this one, still nursing the bruised ribs from the kart outing the day before - instead it marks my first official day as an instructor (I've moonlighted in that capacity a couple of times previously but nothing official). My student was a friend and fellow M Coupe owner. Luckily he is a good driver, had ridden as a passenger on the track a few times, and learned the track-specific 'tricks' quickly. It was gratifying to see my tips and pointers actually help someone. I also learned quite a bit by just trying to sum up and communicate all the experience that I have accumulated on the track (often the hard way).

On a sad note, a good friend totalled his M Coupe in what became the last session for the day. Fortunately he was not injured - the car did its job and protected him in a 90+ mph impact with a concrete barrier. I certainly have a newfound respect for the great job BMW has done in designing the cars and wonder if either the Elise or the Westfield would have done that well? Hope I never have to find out. Incidents like this one really bring into focus what's really important, and the transient nature of all things. Gotta enjoy life while it lasts. On with it, then.

08/29/02 In preparation for the Lotus track day tomorrow I was moving all my safety gear around. What I realized is that I have a LOT of it.

This doesn't even include the full set of riding gear that is in California - helmet, boots, gloves, back protector and jacket. I'd guess that just about any item here is worth more than my entire regular 'wardrobe' (ok, I need to go clothes shopping finally after 5 years but had other priorities ;).