12/23/05 The time has finally come for the 'Lis and I to part ways. Yesterday I picked her up from Unichip, the resonance all fixed. The exhaust/ECU upgrade does make it a more pleasant car to drive - the response is more immediate under part throttle, the sound is better and the car feels sportier overall. The actual impact on lap times I guess I will never know... So today I drove her up to Seattle for the last time and flew back. I would have taken the train, for symbolic reasons if nothing else, but all the trains were sold out for the afternoon. Just the same - a journey that started with a trip up north a little over a year ago ended there as well. Full circle, in a way. It has been fun, it has been educational, it has been memorable in many different ways. And now it's done. Next up - Ariel Atom, sometime in the spring. That one should be a hoot (especially if my devious plans come to fruition ;). Stay tuned.