2012 Palatov Motorsport D1

Wheelbase: 80.5"

Length: 113"

Width: 68"

Height: 39" (top of rollbar)

Ground Clearance: 1.5"

Drivetrain: proprietary AWD system with chain drive and limited slip differentials

Chassis: chromoly tube frame with composite pilot pod, quick-change bodywork

Wheels: 13x8 Tires: 20x8-13 race slicks

Engine: Custom 3,000cc V8, 430hp @10,000 RPM, 260 lb-ft @6500 RPM

Gearbox: Hewland 5-speed sequential with reverse, paddle shift

Weight: 1,100lb

Power/weight: ~1,000 hp/metric ton (~2.2 lb/hp)

Trackdays: 30+