06/24/10 I just realized I never did a 'it's gone' post for Bikini.

The car was sold a couple months ago but as part of the sale I promised to do a set of lights for it. The stock Atom lighting package is an odd-looking and rather crude affair, which is part of the reason I never got it (the other part is that the cost is way out of line for what you get).

After some searching, I came up with a package that should look reasonably good and have some features the stock setup doesn't - like self-canceling turn signals. Here are a couple pictures of the lights themselves. Hopefully the new owner will send me some of the whole system on the car later.

The headlights are halogens and all other lights are LEDs. It took a bit of work to figure out how to have running lights and still have functional turn/brake signals without crosstalk but I did it and it works pretty well. As with most things I do, this design has another purpose which is to serve as a prototype for the dp2/dp3 lighting system. It is a fully stand-alone setup with only a few wires so it can be a neatly packaged option for those desiring lights - without unnecessarily complicating the standard track-oriented harness.